Brandon Self - Director of Bands

Jennifer Sears - President

Chuck Long - Vice-President

Steve Ensley - Treasurer

Judy Blaylock - Secretary



 - Chaperone Manager

 - Concessions Manager

 - Nutrition Manager

 - Program Manager

 - Transportation Manager

 - Uniform Manager


Alumni Manager – We want a band parent who is an alumni that can pull the rest of the alumni together in a way that will gain more support for the band program and provide longevity and continuity for the band program for years to come. Alumni can help the band in any way that they would like to help, i.e. volunteer, fundraisers, donations, etc. This is something new, so this manager will be creating something from nothing.

Chaperone Manager – This manager will coordinate with Mr. Self and find enough chaperones for each game and each event that the band participates in. We have a chaperone handbook and the head chaperone will be responsible for ensuring that all chaperones follow this handbook. Anyone not willing to follow this handbook will not be allowed to chaperone. This person will ride the bus with the band to all away games and events. A list must be made of all volunteers and turned several days in advance of all games and events.

Concessions Manager – This manager is in charge of the visitor’s concessions stand at all home games and all aspects of the concessions stand. The concessions stand and storage room must be kept clean, neat and stocked during football season. The manager is responsible for making sure that we have plenty of stock for each home game. If not, then the manager (or his/her designated person or people) must go shopping to purchase the needed supplies. The manager is also responsible for making sure that we have plenty of volunteers to cover each home game from before the game all the way to cleaning up after the game. The manager also communicates regularly with the band officers to ensure that we have everything that we need to make the concessions stand a success.

Transportation Manager – This manager works closely with the student equipment manager to ensure that all equipment is loaded onto the trailer before each away game in a timely manner and is secured so that the equipment is not damaged during travel time. This person is also responsible for making sure that we have someone to pull the equipment trailer to all away games and any other events where we need to take the equipment trailer. This manager is also responsible for helping find volunteers to move the equipment on and off the field for half-time shows and to and from the stadium during all home games. (some of these volunteers will be chaperones)

Nutrition Manager – This manager will be responsible for finding organizations (churches, businesses, civic groups, etc) willing to either feed the band before a game or donating money toward the cost of feeding the band. This person also needs to be at the school in time to help set up to feed the band before the games to ensure that any issues are resolved. This person will also be responsible for finding volunteers to help serve the food if needed and clean up after the band eats (some of these volunteers will be chaperones).

Program Manager – This manager is responsible for managing the list of businesses to contact for business ads, maintaining a list of those businesses and individuals that have paid for ads, designing the program, communicating with the football coach, cheerleading coach, and band director to get all information for the program, coordinate with the print company to ensure that the program is printed correctly and in a timely manner.  We currently use the Micro-Soft Publisher software to design the program so this person must either already know how to use this software or be familiar with another comparable software program.

Uniforms Manager – This manager will work closely with the student uniform manager. We have new uniforms and we want to keep them in good shape so that they will last a long time. We have new barcodes and a scanner to help keep a better inventory of the uniforms. This will need to be set up this year. This person needs to help with scheduling any repairs with the seamstress and coordinate with Mr. Self to schedule with the dry cleaners. Uniforms are to be checked in and out before and after each game and competition. We have new garment bags that should also be kept in good condition. This manager needs to take pride in our new uniforms and help us make them last.

LaFayette Rambler Band